Vacation Rentals Open During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Where can I vacation during the Coronavirus outbreak

Vacation Rentals Open During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Vacation Rentals Open During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Elk Springs Resort Cabin Rentals has remained open 24/7 during the pandemic, including the entirety of the first wave offering luxury, secluded cabins with a no contact check in and check out process.

With cruises being cancelled and major attractions such as Disney temporarily closing, where can travelers visit and social- distance away from the crowded public spaces?   Elk Springs Resort in Gatinburg, TN has 160+ private luxury cabins and is equipped to remain open during the social distancing recommended with the Coronavirus outbreak.  Our location and vacation rentals empower our guests to decide the level of Social Distancing they feel is safe.  Guests can decide for themselves what public exposure they are willing to experience and with whom.  Not only that, but our pricing structure rewards longer stays!

Why do we feel that we have uniquely- qualified vacation rentals to host guests during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Location – Gatlinburg, TN is the gateway to the main entrance to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is located essentially in the center of the Eastern United States.  We are a 1 day or less drive from 50% of the US Population.   As a road trip destination, there is no plane ride and the associated public exposure risk encountered when boarding, flying and deplaning via the airline travel process.  You also have the added flexibility to arrive and depart as you please given you have your own personal vehicle so you are not bound by sometimes difficult schedules that can be inconvenient, lack flexibility and expensive to change.

Social Distancing – Each of our cabins is an individual home with yard and private parking area.  There are no shared walls, shared spaces or common areas among cabins and there isn’t even a check in office.  All of our check-ins are virtual and you head directly to your cabin avoiding elevators, interior common areas, common dining areas.  Each cabin is self contained with a fully equipped kitchen to prepare in- cabin meals, high speed internet to keep you connected to the world (if that’s something you want to do!), Cable or Satellite TV and Phone.

Resources – Our cabins are near several major grocery stores, pharmacies and the LeConte Medical Center.

Support for increased personal Hygiene – Each cabin has a washer/dryer and dishwasher and while we recommend guests bring a little extra we do supply dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent.   We do launder our linens with commercial laundry equipment monitored by Eco-Lab, but if you are uncomfortable you can choose to wash the linens and dishware again.

The Mountain View Mansion – shown above.

How can I have a vacation while Social Distancing during the Coronavirus?

Great question!   During normal seasonal conditions many of our guests don’t leave their cabin during their stay as people often get away to spend time with their families and friends.  We have specifically designed our cabins for family gathering with activities to keep your group entertained.  The amenities we include in a cabin make this much easier and much more enjoyable such as:

We have created 2 sample itineraries for guests to experience during their stays:

With outdoor activities and minimized public exposure being the preference, we invite guests to review our Fishing, Hiking and National Park Guides for additional ideas for outdoor activities:

The Silvercreek Indoor Pool Cabin shown above.

What extra cleaning steps are we doing?

Do you have questions or concerns?  Please contact us if you do.  Thank you!

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