The Best Property Management in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

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The Best Property Management in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Elite Property Management Yielding Exceptional Revenue and Net Income

We offer Professional vacation rental management services finding quality renters, protecting your investment and driving revenue. There are many companies that deliver average peformance…We deliver exceptional revenue and take excellent care of your property.

Truth – listing on Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia isn't enough…

Are you self managing your vacation rental? Are you mainly relying on Airbnb and VRBO for your bookings? Is your Property Manager just pushing your property out to these channels without augmenting with their own marketing? In our saturated market VRBO and Airbnb aren’t enough and their exorbitant guest fees are eating your margin. And with guests gravitating to the lowest price and most lenient cancel policies you are leaving lots of your rate and the huge risk of last minute cancels on the table. In our model the channels are a much smaller piece of the booking equation resulting in higher margin bookings and less cancellations. We mitigate your revenue risk with our forward thinking and aggressive marketing at highly competitive management fees – and all without a dependence on Airbnb and VRBO. Yes, we list on these sites but mostly to help build our base of guests for future remarketing and repeat high margin visits.

comfortable Profit Margins

No hidden fees and dynamic pricing helps cabin owners maximize profits

Powerful Marketing Engine

Multi-channel marketing drives high-value bookings – even in the off-season

Proactive Maintenance

Forward thinking maintenance to keep your property value high and operating costs low

About Elk Springs Resort Property Management

Elk Springs Resort is a full service property management company in Sevier County, Tennessee at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. Since 2008 we’ve served as one of the areas top-rated property management agencies and have built our legacy on curating and renting out both large group and smaller honeymoon style vacation homes. We have handled over 20,000 reservations with indoor pool cabins alone and over 150,000 total reservations. We have over 1,000 5 star google reviews.

By lowering internal competition and investing in diverse inventory, we uniquely position ourselves to maximize occupancy and serve the best interests of both guests and owners. Property owners trust us with their properties because we have a low overhead, efficient and a profitable rental process where we proactively take care of your important investment.

did you know?

We have managed over 20,000 indoor pool cabin reservations and over 150,000 reservations total.

One Million Club

We have accommodated an estimated 1 million guests in the properties we manage.

Areas We Serve In The Smoky Mountains

  • Gatlinburg
  • Pigeon Forge
  • Wears Valley
  • Sevier County
  • Cosby

What To Expect When You Partner With Elk Springs Resort

At Elk Springs Resort Cabin Rentals, we aim to enhance the properties we accept into our rental program and deliver 5 star experiences. So as we add more cabins it strengthens our entire inventory and the raises the values of each individual cabin owners offering.

Examples of services we offer:

  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Pool Service and Maintenance by Certified Pool Techs
  • Light Bulb and Filter Replacements
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Furniture and Interior / Exterior Touch Ups, Staining and Painting
  • Complimentary Cabin Photos
  • Hands off Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Bill Paying Assistance
  • Sales Tax Collection and Payment
  • Monthly ACH Direct Deposits

Elk Springs Resort Cabin Rentals has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence every year since it’s inception by visitors.  Our top ratings are a direct result of offering the best rental properties and the highest level of customer service. If you are looking for average performance we’re not going to be the best fit for your property.

A Forward Thinking Approach to Marketing and Managing Your Important Asset

Post Pandemic Performance Matters!  During the pandemic the Smoky Mountains experienced a mass influx of visitors resulting in epic rental performance that may never again be matched.  These performance levels set the bar at peak levels for property owner expectations.   We worked closely with owners to realistically set expectations while returning back to normal demand with a higher level of cabin inventory in the market.  We engaged a unique mix of aggressive outbound marketing strategies and dynamic pricing and guest incentive models to mitigate the expected decrease in performance due to a return to normal visitor traffic and an increase in competition in the market place.  We successfully limited the performance reduction for our property owners and avoided the massive price competition engaged in the channel marketplaces such as VRBO and Airbnb.  We set and exceed realistic expectations and won’t make false revenue performance estimates to earn your business.

We establish long term relationships with property owners who are looking for peak performance out of their rental property. We are forward thinking and pro-active when it comes to methods and procedures to keep operating costs low, while employing aggressive and truthful marketing strategies to market our premium properties. Most importantly, we average less than 1 cabin leaving our rental program per year with current cabin owners under management adding new properties each year!  We don’t openly market our services,  yet based on current cabin owner new cabin acquisitions and word of mouth are adding complimentary cabins to our rental program each year.

Providing pro-active maintenance to minimize long term operating costs coupled with a fee structure that provides more bottom line value to cabin owners is our main operational objective. The owners in our program appreciate the extra value. But superior customer service and quality drives repeat visitors and better overall performance. We’re ranked in the top 10 in Gatlinburg by visitors for providing such service. We work hard for our owners AND for our guests. These efforts have a positive effect to the bottom line for our owners who are a critical part of our success.

While the pandemic provided amazing returns, returning to normal our year over year performance has increased in each of the non pandemic years – including in 2023.

That’s right! Our cabins have outperformed the prior non pandemic year in each of the last 5 years, even during the tough economic downturn and national expansion and local consolidation of rental management companies. We are more efficient which translates into cost savings, and we have a great reputation as well as strong marketing programs. This combination has delivered for both our owners and our guests looking for the top rated cabins.

What We Can Do For You

Increased Revenues and Bottom Line

  • Delivering yearly increases in gross rental performance
  • Attract a large volume of new quality guests
  • High rate of past-guest referrals and re-bookings
  • Offer a cost saving approach to near term, mid term and long term management and maintenance

A Focused Approach to Promoting Your Property

  • Modern, Aggressive and truthful online marketing using multi-platforms to reach our target market
  • Client satisfaction and engagement through check-out surveys and follow up outreach
  • Superior marketing quality and materials

Peace of Mind

  • Proactive property maintenance that reduces long term operating costs
  • 24/7 online reservations in real time allowing guests an easy booking experience
  • Customer service and support experts to answer all inquiries regarding the resort and properties (email, chat, and phone)
  • 24/7 responsive customer and maintenance support team to address basic to critical service and property issues

Our Commitment

We are licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Vacation Lodging Manager and would appreciate the opportunity to consider adding your important asset to our rental program. We’re not as big as many of the other management companies in the area, which is critical, as we choose not to have so much inventory that we end up competing with ourselves. With lower cabin counts and a more diverse amount of unique inventory we have the opportunity to maximize occupancy and better serve both our guests and owners. Higher occupancy rates coupled with our commitment to executing successful marketing strategies to showcase your cabin results in higher returns. We are dedicated to making the rental process hassle free, efficient, and profitable.

What Owners Are Saying About Our Services

“What a breath of fresh air getting our owner statement on time and without a bunch of petty charges for replacing wine glasses, brooms and bottle openers. It’s also nice not to be nickel and dimed on linens, trip charges and other aggravating items. I only wish I had made the decision several years ago to switch to Elk Springs now that I see what your marketing machine can do.”
-E.W. (recent cabin owner who entered the program after 4.5 years with another management company)

I just wanted to say thank you for doing an incredible job renting our cabin! Please thank all of your staff as well – they’ve been great to interact with in the few times I’ve contacted them. All I’ve gotta say is you have exceeded my expectations. Great customer service and great rental income so far! I hope it keeps up in the “off season”. I’m beginning to think there is no off season with Elk Springs. The cabin is already booked excellent in September.
-J.F. (new owner who entered the program after 3 years with another management company)

To follow up with you about how sincere about my happiness with your company I wanted to let you know I received the May rental check today and I believe it is my largest so far! I am happy. We are definitely going in the right direction.
-J.S. (new owner, switched to Elk Springs after 6+ years with another company)

We’re Excited To Work With You

We look forward to discussing how we can become your property management company and maximize your rental opportunities. Please contact our team toll free at 866-550-1795 x or via email using our Contact Form. We look forward to opportunity to speak with you!