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How to Beat the Heat in Gatlinburg, TN

How to Beat the Heat in Gatlinburg, TN

A recent article in the Mountain Press reveals that this is the hottest summer on record; the National Weather Service predicts that there will be little reprieve from the heat until the end of August.

Now, this may be great news for those of you who spend nine months out of the year in the freezing cold, waiting for that fleeting spring and too-short summer heat. Even though your luxury cabin rental is situated in one of the cooler climes of the US, tempered by the Great Smoky Mountains, it can still get pretty hot up here in the mountains.

How can you stay cool and protect your family from the heat?

1) Visit a waterpark or indoor pool cabin and spend the day splashing around. The Gatlinburg Community Center and Dollywood are both great options for beating the heat.

2) Drink lots of water; stock up at the cabin beforehand if you brought reusable water bottles and keep plenty in the fridge for some noontime relief.

3) Did someone say ice cream? Nothing tastes better than you favorite flavor dripping off of a crunchy cone or spooned out of a cup from Ben and Jerry’s, Baskin Robbins, Kilwins, or Jordan’s Village Creamery.

4) Take cool showers during the day and before going to sleep. Use the AC moderately as shocking the body with too-cold temperatures may have adverse bodily effects.

5) Avoid alcoholic beverages during the hottest points of the day; you can become easily dehydrated and victim to the heat.

6) Still want to go hiking despite the heat? Try to go as early as possible in the morning, wear light layers, and bring plenty of water to hydrate thoroughly. Choose a shorter hike that will bring you back down to your car before noontime.

7) Stay inside and watch a movie or play some board games with family and friends.