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Where to Buy Moonshine in Gatlinburg

Where to Buy Moonshine in Gatlinburg

Did someone say moonshine? We did, and we are serious. For the first time ever in the Great Smoky Mountains region moonshine can be bought legally; are you as excited as we are? As a not-so-secret part of mountain folk’s long history in Gatlinburg, the moonshine sold at the Ole Smoky Distillery is sure to be a hit amongst the locals and visitors alike!

Come on down to the distillery on July 2nd for the grand opening and go on a free tour where you can sample the different varieties that Ole Smoky Distillery has to offer: peach moonshine, sweet tea moonshine, and unaged corn whiskey moonshine to name just a few. What an addition to staying at Elk Spring Resort!

Don’t just focus on sampling the moonshine, pay attention to the tour guide as they teach you about the history of moonshine making and even some local tales about old families in the area. As only the fourth licensed distillery in Tennessee – following Jack Daniels, George Dickel, and Richards Rum – you will not want to miss out on the grand opening. It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience!

Fall in love with one or all of the samples on the tour; then buy a variety to bring back to your luxury cabin rental with you. Feel like you are a part of history as you sit on your porch with a gorgeous view of the Great Smoky Mountains enjoying one of the oldest traditions that Gatlinburg has to offer – legitimately! Don’t forget to pick up an extra bottle or two for friends and family back home, or you can throw on impromptu party at your cabin and make some new friends from Elk Springs Resort.

Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, go ahead and make your reservations quickly!