Rocky Top Sports World: Facilities and Nearby Cabins

Rocky Top Sports World: Facilities and Nearby Cabins

Countless sports complexes and facilities serve the Southeast United States. However, few compare to the award-winning Rocky Top Sports World, which received awards for the 2022 Champion of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism and the 2019 Best Indoor and Outdoor Campus Southeast USA.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete, parent, or fan—you’re in for the total package when you travel to Gatlinburg for Rocky Top Sports World. Home to 25 fields spanning 86,000 square feet, this event center is a top destination for club sports, camps, tournaments, and more.

Rocky Top Sports World has a variety of fields, courts, and multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate nearly any event. This multifaceted venue also boasts many amenities, including onsite dining, concessions, training rooms, and a merchandise vendor area.

Rocky Top Sports World Facilities

Make your way into the premier sports complex in Gatlinburg, TN — Rocky Top Sports World Gatlinburg. This 80-acre sports complex is known for its impressive indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Check out the Rocky Top Sports World field map to get a sense of its size and where all of the fields and facilities are.

Rocky Top Sports World map of the fields and facilities

Indoor Facilities

  • Basketball courts: 6
  • Volleyball courts: 12

You’ll find state-of-the-art spaces designed for wrestling, martial arts, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, and more inside Rocky Top Gatlinburg. Rocky Top Sports World also offers amenities outside of sporting facilities, including Champs Grill and the Courtside Cafe, an event planning workspace, training rooms, and first aid facilities that enhance player and fan experiences.

Outdoor Facilities

  • Turf fields: 7
  • Youth soccer fields: 14

Outside, you’ll find seven turf fields well-suited for hosting soccer, football, Ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, and other outdoor sports. The Rocky Top sports complex also has a championship field with a press box for state and regional competitions. Other convenient amenities include bleacher seating and picnic tables.

All Facilities

See a full list of the amenities below:

  • 7 synthetic turf fields and 86,000 indoor square feet of court
  • 6 basketball courts
  • 12 volleyball courts
  • Concession stands and dining
  • Team locker rooms
  • Private meetings spaces
  • Extensive upper-level viewing for fans
  • A place to sell merchandise for organizations, teams and clubs
  • 1 championship field with a press box and the ability to seat up to 1,500 guests

Rocky Top Sports World amenities and facilities summary image including fields, courts, locker rooms, concessions, seating, seating, and private meeting roomsCabins Near Rocky Top Sports World Complex

Elk Springs Resorts has lodging options only two minutes from the sports complex for all budgets and group sizes. Whether you’re traveling to your event with family or a team — there are plenty of convenient cabins to choose from near Rocky Top Sports World.

Athletes, teams, and coaches who wish to keep the camaraderie alive can elect to stay in some of the larger Gatlinburg group cabins that sleep up to 30 or opt for a cluster of cabins that accommodate groups as large as 100. Meanwhile, families who travel together can opt for smaller, cozier cabins with home comforts like TVs, full kitchens, Wi-Fi, hot tubs, and more.

50+ Cabins within 5 Minutes of Rocky Top Sportsworld

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Where Is Rocky Top Sports World Located?

1870 Sports World Blvd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

One of the most appealing aspects of Rocky Top Sports World is its location in the heart of the Smokies, just about 10 minutes away from downtown Gatlinburg and right across the street from the Gatlinburg-Pittman High School. Currently, it is one of the most centrally located tournament facilities in the eastern United States, within a day’s drive of most major east coast cities.

Rocky Top Sports World Events

As the name suggests, Rocky Top is a well-established destination for sporting events, but that’s far from all they host at their Smoky Mountain location. You can also book the sports center to host events like weddings, conferences, birthday parties, family reunions, and beyond.

Sports Tournaments and Camps

Rocky Top Sports World is the ultimate sports destination. Here, athletes of all ages and skills can showcase their hard work with top-notch facilities. Aside from the impressive campus, event planners also appreciate the customizable fields and that the Gatlinburg sports complex is within a day’s drive of almost two-thirds of the United States’ population east of the Mississippi River. This makes it a worthwhile and affordable drive for families involved in club sports.


Whether you want to bring athletic vigor to your reception or just need a large enough event space to host your wedding, Rocky Top Sports World can accommodate you.

  • Breathtaking Smoky Mountain views make for a stunning backdrop on your wedding day.
  • 40,000 square feet of multi-purpose indoor space are available if Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade.

Conferences and Corporate Meetings

Many corporate event planners book this large and customizable event center in Gatlinburg for conferences and meetings.

  • Customizable rooms are well-suited to presentations, team-building exercises, and group activities.
  • Wide open spaces of Rocky Top Sports World — a vast improvement over stereotypical cramped hotel conference spaces.

Birthday Parties

If the little sports fan in your life is turning another year older — celebrate their special day in style at Rocky Top Sports World.

  • It’s an incredible setting for kids’ parties in Gatlinburg and comes complete with a rock climbing wall, indoor courts, and outdoor fields.
  • Sports spaces, meeting rooms, and additional amenities provide parents and party planners unlimited options for setting up contests, games, food, and activities.

Family Reunions

For large families seeking open spaces and some friendly competition, Rocky Top Sports World is a superb space to reunite the family.

  • Smoky Mountain location is a true destination getaway in and of itself but this venue is also sure to impress.
  • State-of-the-art facilities allow families to bond, reminisce, and enjoy great food.

Religious Retreats

Rocky Top Sports World is a fantastic setting for church groups and other religious gatherings.

  • Flexible spaces can be a host to lectures and meetings.
  • Beautiful location creates an ideal setting for worship.

Tips for Visiting Athletes and Families

Make sure you have everything you need for a good trip and bring home a win before you hit the road. Here are a few things you should plan and pack:

What To Pack for a Sports Trip

Bring any gear, safety equipment, and uniforms you need to take the field. You should also pack essentials like toiletries, casual clothes, comfortable shoes, electronics, and your wallet so you can explore Gatlinburg or visit the Smokies in your downtime.

Places To Stay Near Rocky Top Sports World

Elk Springs Resort cabins tend to be the best option for athletes and large groups of event-goers because you can select the amenities that are most important to you and the most optimal location. For example, you can enjoy benefits several benefits when you book a stay with Elk Springs Resort including:

  • Hot tubs
  • Mountain view
  • Game rooms
  • EV chargers
  • Indoor pools
  • Home theaters
  • Saunas

Rocky Top Sports World Parking

There are several parking spots available surrounding the Rocky Top Sports World complex. Just keep in mind that they may charge a parking fee for certain events.

How To Get Around Gatlinburg

Of course, you can get to the events center by driving your vehicle or hopping on the bus with your team. And if that’s not an option, you can also rent a vehicle or order a ride to get around Gatlinburg.

Level Up Your Post-Game Recovery With Elk Springs Resort

After a day on the court, field, or bleachers — who wouldn’t want to kick back and watch their favorite movie in a private cabin theater, wind down with a view of the mountains, or soak tired muscles in a soothing hot tub? Elk Springs Resort has cabins within ten minutes of Rocky Top Sports World and fuses the creature comforts of home with the luxury amenities of hotels, additionally:

  1. Elk Springs Resort offers exclusive discounts to all sports teams and family members who are attending events at Rocky Top Sports World.
  2. Elk Springs Resort was rated one of the top 7 best destinations for Group Vacations by
  3. The resort (less than 10 minutes from Rocky Top Sports World) spreads out over 68 mountainous acres, these cabins nestled among the sweeping mountain scenery are the perfect place to relax and unwind

Book with us to enjoy a comfortable stay with (or close to) your teammates. Here are just a few places to stay near Rocky Top Sports World.

Cabins within 5 Minutes of Rocky Top Sports World

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