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The Band Perry

The Band Perry

I wasn’t the only one swept away by this smash hit.  The Band Perry’s single, “If I Die Young” went on to quadruple platinum and hit Number 1 on Billboard’s Country and American Country  charts in 2010.  This one single quickly catapulted The Band Perry into super stardom faster than you can say white lightning.

“If I Die Young” received numerous music awards from the likes of The Academy for Country Music (ACM), Country Music Association (CMA), and Country Music Television (CMT). It also received additional nominations for Grammy, Teen Choice, American Music Awards (AMA), and Billboard Music awards.

“If I Die Young” was not the only hit from The Band Perry’s self-titled debut album, the single “You lie” went platinum and “All Your Life,” also climbed to number one on the country music charts.



All in the Family

After becoming a fan of The Band Perry, I was intrigued to learn about the family connection. This trio isn’t just loosely related, but they are in fact siblings, making their harmonies as tight as their bloodline, just like The Carter Family

The Band Perry is fronted by sister Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, and piano). Kimberly’s two younger brothers Reid (bass guitar) and Neil Perry (drums, mandolin, and accordion) complete the trio.  Their music combines elements of pop, rock n’ roll and country.  As the siblings will attest they get it honest since they grew up listening to the likes of Loretta Lynn, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, their parents’ favorites.

Though the siblings had been singing together at various events and festivals for many years in and around their hometown of Mobile, Alabama, The Band Perry didn’t officially form until 2005.  Before that Kimberly Perry fronted her own band at the spry age of 15, and her brother served as her roadies changing out guitar strings and polishing her instruments before forming their own bands later on.

Fortunately the sibling trio united in 2005 and joined the “New Faces of Country” tour soon after. Three years later the band met Bog Doyle (Garth Brooks’ Manager) who quickly got them into the studio to put down some songs. Doyle’s musical intuition that The Band Perry was something special was spot on. The Band Perry’s first recordings quickly caught the attention of the newly formed Republic Nashville label, who signed the band in the summer of 2009.


A Ghostly Style

Not only does The Band Perry boast a unique musical style (a blend of country,  pop, and rock n’roll) their fashion exhibits its own original twist quite different from other country acts.  With dark hues, leather, theatrical outfits, their unique fashion and style has been regarded by some as Southern Goth. This fresh style draws new and young fans intrigued by a different take on southern culture.  The band proudly boasts their obsession with Southern Gothic culture. They hold a deep infatuation with southern authors such as Flannery O’Conner and William Faulkner.


Pioneer, The New Album

After such a sweeping success with a first album, any band would be nervous about entering the studio to record their second album.  For The Band Perry it was no different.  

Pioneer is their newest album.

Pioneer is their newest album.

The Band Perry’s second album, rightly earned its album name-Pioneer. The name reflects their voyage into the great unknown and unsure footing of creating their second music effort in the wake of such international success.

As the band attests on their official website it was very nerve wracking. Bassist Reid explains how the name of this album emerged as the band went through this recording process with their second album entitled, Pioneer. “People hear the word ‘pioneer’ and they think of covered wagons or astronauts on the moon, but to us the idea of a pioneer is very modern…It reflects the idea of putting one foot in front of the other when you’re unsure how to get where you’re going. It’s about marching forward and making noise.”

 His sister Kimberly went on to add, “We had so many questions about our future, both personally and professionally,” Kimberly explains. “You can hear it in the lyrics to the song ‘Pioneer,’ which asks, ‘Where are we going?’ ‘What will become of us?’”

Dann Huff worked with The Band Perry to produce Pioneer, a fiery blend of rock n’ roll infused country. The band feels proud that this album really exhibits their rock n’ roll edge.  As Kimberly recalls on their website after Dann first saw them live he was blown away. “The first thing he said when we got off stage, was, ‘Whoa, you guys have a rock and roll edge. This is what you do.’ He had never heard it represented in our recorded music and he opened up our minds to that in the studio.” The more aggressive rock sound is evident in this album and makes for great live performances.

Dann wasn’t the only one that liked this more rock influenced album, the band has already scored two number one singles from the Pioneer album with “Better Dig Two” and “Done.”  Other songs on the album include, “Night Gone Wasted,” and the Queen-influenced. “Forever Mine Nevermind.” As well as “Pioneer,” “Mother Like Mine”, “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely,” “I Saw A Light,” and “End of Time,” a song dedicated to the band’s Southern roots.


Smokies Stadium

The Band Perry will bring their music and highlight their new album to the Great Smoky Mountains at the end of August.  The Smokies Stadium in Sevierville, Tennessee is proud to host The Band Perry on August 29th.  What better way to see this dynamic amid the mountain mist, with the Great Smoky Mountains as a backdrop?

Smokies Staduim

Smokies Stadium

The Tennessee Smokies Stadium is state of the art, and it is a multi-purpose facility. Not only does it host concerts, but it is also the home of the Tennessee Smokies Minor League baseball team and the Welcome Center for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (The welcome center fronts the ballpark and is open every day from 9-5)

The Smokies Stadium features an exterior with a mix of brick and hand laid stone with a pine green roof.  For concerts it can hold up to 10,000 fans, so you’re sure to get a great seat. Its covered concourse encircles the playing field that runs from dugout to dugout around the stadium, so fans can roam the ballpark shielded from the elements of nature.

East Tennessee fans of The Band Perry could ask for no better venue to experience their favorite band. The stadium also includes mammoth LCD Video boards, onsite parking, and concessions. This stadium is conveniently located at the junction of I-40 (exit 407) and Highway 66.

Ticket prices start at $25 and up. For more information and to purchase tickets visit


Next Up: World Tour

The Band Perry is playing the Smokies Stadium concert on the eve of their first ever worldwide headlining tour: “The We Are Pioneers World Tour.” The band will traverse the continent of Europe for five weeks before returning to North America for additional dates. East Tennessee fans get a sneak peak of this International Tour on August 29th 2013.

The show is sure to be spectacular and a perfect fit for Smokies Stadium. As Kimberly Perry notes on the band’s website, “We needed songs that could fill large spaces. Our show is very aggressive; there are a lot of electric guitars and hard-hitting drums, and the music on Pioneer captures that.”

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable night! Come out to hear the one-of-a-kind The Band Perry rock out the night in the majestic and thrilling setting of the Great Smoky Mountains.