Trolleys Galore in Gatlinburg, TN



Gatlinburg, TN – When you are visiting a new city, the last thing you want to worry about is getting around town. Sure, you could drive your own car around town, attempt to find a parking spot and pay extra fees, or you can take advantage of Gatlinburg’s trolley system. With seven different trolley lines to choose from, you can travel all around Gatlinburg and with ease from your Gatlinburg Vacation Rental without having to look at a map once. Sounds pretty good, right?

Gatlinburg itself isn’t a very large town, but frankly, that is how we prefer it. It is densely packed with dozens of activities that will keep your family busy for days on end; we find that most of our guests have trouble leaving at the end of their stay! There are seven trolleys that take you in and around Gatlinburg: the River Road Trolley, Parkway Trolley, Arts & Crafts Trolley, National Park Trolley, Dollywood Trolley, City Hall Trolley and Welcome Center Trolley. As you can see from their names, you can travel to all of the major areas/attractions in Gatlinburg just by hopping on.

You can find an official trolley map on the City of Gatlinburg’s website. There you will see all of the stops offered and the fares. With fares ranging from just 50 cents to tw0 dollars, you simply cannot pass up a chance to ride on a trolley. If you have any questions about using the trolleys or where to park your car downtown, don’t hesitate to call or email us at the Elk Springs Resort Gatlinburg cabins main office. We look forward to your stay at the Elk Springs Resort this summer.