Three Cheers for Gatlinburg

Three cheers for Gatlinburg!

Luxury Gatlinburgcabins. They are a great way to celebrate a big win in the competition!

Pom-poms? Check.

Body glitter? Check.

Champions ready to give it their all? Check.

Next weekend Gatlinburg, TN will be flooded with cheerleaders, coaches and family members for the 2010 National Cheer Stars’ “Battle of Champions.” Held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center from March 26-28, this event will showcase the talent of young cheerleaders from around the country. And if you are wondering, yes, this event is open to the public. This will be a great event for youngsters of all ages in Gatlinburg to enjoy.

In addition a film crew will be at the Battle to record the event for an upcoming episode on “The Road to Battle-the Blood, Sweat and Cheers” from the CBS network. Don’t miss out on the fun! And if you are in the competition and still looking for accommodations, don’t forget to check out our

After a long day of cheering your family can enjoy soaking in the hot tub or just sitting out on the porch taking in the amazing view of Gatlinburg. One of our cabins even has a home theatre where you can hook up your camera to the projector and relive the day’s events in comfort and style. These cabins are so spacious, you can invite the whole team over for a congratulations cook-out! Good luck to all of the athletes participating this year.