Stay Fit While Enjoying Your Luxury Cabin Rental in Gatlinburg, TN

We have all fallen victim to a vacation where fitness and dieting goals go by the wayside. Of course, we wouldn’t advise that you spend every day at the gym when the beautiful mountains of Gatlinburg await you; but we can let you know how and where to stay on track and still enjoy everything that this quaint town has to offer.

First of all, get outside! With over 800 miles of trails to hike the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is literally minutes away from your front door. Did you know that one hour of hiking burns around 500 calories depending on body weight? Pick a more difficult climb and start feeling the burn! Or you could hit the links and burn 400 calories per hour; go skiing and lose 450 calories; hit the water in a canoe and feel 300 calories melt away.

If you must visit the gym there is one available for use during your stay. Just a short drive to downtown Gatlinburg, you can visit Club Energy Fitness, Café and Juice Bar has everything you will need to pump iron, catch a class or spend an hour on the treadmill; but a daily or weekly pass to match the length of your stay. Or you can visit Dynabody of Gatlinburg, LLC to work up a sweat and get whipped into shape with a personal trainer who will be able to help you maintain your fitness goals.

On your way home to your Gatlinburg Cabins from the gym or the great outdoors stop in at the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for a home-cooked meal; the kitchen at your luxury cabin is fully stocked with all of the pots, pans and other essentials you will need. By preparing a meal rather than dining out you can choose the freshest ingredients and cut down on unnecessary fat and calories that you might find in a restaurant. Afterwards sit out on the porch, watch the sun go down and congratulate yourself on sticking to your goals all while having a fantastic time in Gatlinburg. Job well done!