Spend a Lazy Fall Weekend in Your Luxury Cabin Rental

Gatlinburg Fall Colors

Fall Colors

After a long summer of traveling, visiting family and friends and summer camps, there is nothing like, well, doing nothing. And there is no better place to relax than in a luxury cabinĀ at Elk Springs Resort. So what does a day in your cabin look like? While no two days, stays or guests are alike, but I dream about a day like this one:

Yawn. Stretch. I feel so refreshed! My bed is so comfortable that I fell asleep for a whole 8 hours. That never happens at home!

Is that coffee I smell? Wait, and oatmeal too? It is so nice having a full service kitchen in my cabin rental. My sweetheart is sitting out on the balcony overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains with a cup of coffee in his hand. I knew the mountains were going to be beautiful, but not this amazing! Now that the leaves are changing colors, it is like a masterpiece is being painted right in front of our eyes.

After relaxing on the porch for a while, the coffee gave us enough energy to go for a leisurely walk around the resort. It is amazing just how beautiful each cabin is in its unique way. There are tons of people spending the weekend as well, but since the cabins are situated just right, you get a feeling of privacy while “roughing it” in the the wild. We are planning on going to downtown Gatlinburg tomorrow to walk around and explore the town. Luckily it is a short drive away from us so we can sleep in again tomorrow before heading out.

All of this walking in the fresh mountain air sure has made us hungry! We picked up some groceries yesterday from Food City on our way to Elk Springs Resort. They had everything we needed at affordable prices, just like back home. There was a sale on hamburgers and hot dogs so we are going to fire up the gas grill at and make a delicious feast for lunch. It is so nice to have everything available for us to use; there is nothing like having to pack everything but the kitchen sink when you go to other rentals.

With our bellies full, it is time to head into the home theater room. I have been waiting all week for this! We pop in our movie and sit back in the super comfy leather movie theater-style seats. There is nothing like watching a movie on the “big screen” and being able to put your feet up and just relax! Good thing we brought a few movies along because we could definitely do this again tomorrow.

By the time the movie is finished, the skies have started to darken. Out here in the mountains, the skies are clear and smog-free, making it easy to see millions of stars in the sky. Since the night is a little chilly, we decide to spend some time in the hot tub. Now that is what I call complete relaxation! It seems like we had such a busy day, all without leaving the resort area. Who knows, maybe we will do this again tomorrow…