Saddle Up!

Deer Farm Horseback Riding

A group of cabin owners and guests made their way to Deer Farm Zoo and Riding Stables in nearby Sevierville to enjoy an hour ofhorsebackriding through the scenic woods and hills. Deer Farms is a great choice because they can accomodate toddlers riding solo all the way up to2 adults per horse. There were kids as young as4riding on their own horse and2 year olds riding with their parent. After the ride the kids enjoyed spending time feeding the animals at the petting zoo, which featured some unique animals such as a “Zonkey” (half Zebra, half Donkey) and then some Camels, Reindeer and a White Fallow Buck.

Open all year round, Deer Farm is about 25 minutes from Elk Springs Resort. Click Here for driving directions. You can call Deer Farm to reserve your spot, it’s recommended. Coupons can be found on the Deer Farm website.

Deer Farm Petting Zoo