Luxury Cabin Rentals are Perfect For Cele-cations in Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg Cel-ecation
Gatlinburg Cele-cation

Have you heard about taking a cele-cation? This funny word is all the buzz in the travel industry. A celecation is a vacation that features a celebration. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday or promotion, you need a vacation away from it all to truly celebrate.

Unlike other travel destinations that feature loud attractions, busy streets and crowded shops, Gatlinburg is a truly unique spot. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, this small town is perfect for quiet getaways. Yet despite its size, Gatlinburg offers everything that you could hope for in a getaway package. There is plenty of shopping, wining and dining, outdoor adventures and kids activities as well. Everyone in the family will appreciate a celecation in Gatlinburg.

Most people celebrate life’s big events by going out to a fancy restaurant, gathering with friends and family or throwing a party. Why not do all of that but on vacation? Nothing makes your celebration that much more exciting than spending it on vacation in a luxury cabin rental. The Elk Springs Resort features cabin rentals that will absolutely blow your mind. In fact, many of our guests have commented that they would love to trade their own homes for one of our unique luxury cabins.

Our most popular celecation cabin rentals are for anniversaries and birthdays. There is nothing like spending these momentous occasions in the singular beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. We built our resort in this exact location to provide you with the serenity of the mountains while providing you with quick and fast access to downtown Gatlinburg. In just minutes you can be walking along the Parkway, the main street that contains dozens of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. Or you can choose to stay in all weekend and throw a big party in your cabin.

If you aren’t sure how to spend your cele-cation, check out our website for ideas. We have tons of ideas prepared for you under “Things To Do”. As we leave winter and prepare for spring, our cabins will start filling up every weekend. There is nothing quite like visiting the mountains as they wake up from their winter nap. The flowers bloom, leaves start to fill the trees and the wildlife becomes abundant. If you are a nature lover, you will absolutely love visiting Gatlinburg during the warmer months. You can go for a hike, go white water rafting, catch some fish or take some beautiful shots of the scenery with your camera.

Let us help you plan your celecation at the Elk Springs Resort. Our staff not only works here, but lives here year-round. We are experts about everything there is to know about Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. Planning a surprise cele-cation? We will help you keep your secret. Just let us know which cabin you would like to rent, when and whether we can provide you with extra amenities. Our staff can stock up your kitchen, plan a massage or have party favors on hand for your stay.