How to Spend a Rainy Day in Your Luxury Cabin Rental

You wake up one morning, excited to get started on all of the fun things you had planned to do in Gatlinburg, only to find that big fat raindrops are cascading down from the sky. As the kids look at you with tears forming in the corners of their eyes, you smile because a) you are a creative, fun parent with tons of great ideas tucked away for times just like these, and b) you are staying in a luxury cabin rental that is stockpiled with just the right amount of fun for any day, rain or shine! So what exactly can you do in your cabin?

1. First, get the whole family up and out of bed. Bring out the pancake mix, fresh berries, bacon, sausage, and eggs and give everyone a job in the kitchen. Create a feast worthy of any pancake house found in Gatlinburg, all without having to leave the comfort of your own pajamas and slippers.

2. After such a huge meal everyone might be just a bit sleepy again. Perfect! Grab some extra blankets and head downstairs to the deluxe, state-of-the-art home theater that is waiting to make any movie seem larger than life. Put in some cartoons, an action flick for the guys, a romance for the ladies, or the latest comedy fresh off the big screen. Kick back, sip some coffee and get lost for a few hours in the storyline.

3. By now it should be noon; still raining outside? No worries, head on upstairs and rack the balls for an intense game of pool. Teach your kids some special shots, play one-on-one or just try to see who can pocket the most balls in a row.

4. If you aren’t a billiards fan, no worries. Hopefully you brought some board games along or a book to read; relish this time that your kids might see as forced captivity as a chance for some quality family time. Before they know it, the little ones will be enjoying it in spite of themselves.

5. As the hours are spent leisurely around the cabin, the rain will hopefully have let up enough to go for a quick walk around Elk Springs Resort or even for a ride downtown to the main street. If not, fire up the gas grill and make a BBQ that any prize chef would salivate over. Then grab a rocking chair and watch as the sun sets and the stars start to sprile the sky with their gentle glow.

After a day like this one, you might just wish for one more rainy day while staying in your luxury cabin rental in Gatlinburg, TN.