Go Green at the Gatlinburg Farmers Market This Spring

When you book your next Gatlinburg Cabin Rental vacation at the Elk Springs Resort, you will no doubt want to stock up on essentials and goodies at the local supermarket. Since your luxury cabin rental has a full kitchen, complete with all of the utensils and cooking tools you will need, it is easy to whip up all of your meals there. Whether you are a complete foodie or just like to make your own meals, you will not want to miss out on the Gatlinburg Farmers Market.

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

The market will start this year on May 21, and everyone in Gatlinburg is excited for the opening. New to the area, the farmers market allows you to shop for fresh produce grown locally, in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. There is nothing like buying fresh fruit and vegetables from the people who produce it themselves, all at a great price and conveniently located near your Gatlinburg cabin rental. This year the market will be held every Saturday at 705 East Parkway in the Alamo Steak parking lot.

If you like to mix and mingle with the locals while shopping for some great food, there is no better way than to wake up Saturday morning and head to the farmers market. You might even see several of the Elk Springs Resort staff stocking up on some fresh greens as well. Interested in a Gatlinburg Cabin Deal? Need directions to the market? Don’t hesitate to contact us at the main office, via email or by phone, to learn more.