Gatlinburg Screenfest – March 25th-27th

Gatlinburg, TN – Do you love to watch movies?

If you are a true movie buff there is nothing better than settling into your seat with some popcorn and waiting for the lights to dim. The anticipation of those opening credits is almost too much to handle as you wonder what exciting scenes and plot lines you will enjoy for the next two hours. If this all sounds about right then you will certainly enjoy Gatlinburg Screenfest, an annual event celebrating independent movies made across the United States.

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental with Theater Room

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental with Theater Room

Sure, you could easily purchase a ticket to your local eight-screen theater or you could visit the Great Smoky Mountains to watch and participate in the excitement of Gatlinburg’s own movie festival. This year the Screenfest will be held on March 25 through March 27 at the River Terrace Hotel and Theater downtown. Anyone is free to submit movies for consideration to the Screenfest but only the top ten movies chosen by a select panel will be shown at the festival.

In addition to tons of incredible movie showings you can also attend seminars, director question and answer sessions, guest speakers and new development ideas. There is also a competition for best actor, best actress, supporting actor and supporting actress. Movie buffs will love the proximity of the Elk Springs Resort GatlinburgCabinsto the Screenfest as well as everything else you can enjoy doing in Gatlinburg. And when you are all tuckered out from a busy day of watching movies then you can return to your luxury cabin rental and – gasp – settle back into a cozy leather chair in your very own personal home theater.

Need directions to the Screenfest from your cabin? Feel free to call or email us anytime at the main office.