Fun Facts About TN, Home of Your Next Luxury Gatlinburg Cabin Vacation

Whether it is your first time traveling to Gatlinburg, TN this year or your tenth, we want to test your knowledge about the wonderful state of Tennessee. You can play this game with your family on the road or while you are sitting around on the deck of your luxury Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals at the Elk Springs Resort. Whomever gets the most points wins!

Cabins in Gatlinburg

Cabins in Gatlinburg

Where was Coca Cola first bottled? In Chattanooga, TN

Who were the first people to live in TN? A group of Iroquois that later became known as the Cherokee

In what year did the Grand Ole Opry begin? 1925

Finish this strange TN law: “It is illegal to take fish…” Answer: off someone else’s hook!

What are is the highest peak along the Appalachian Trail: The Great Smoky Mountains

When did Knoxville host the World’s Fair? 1982

When did TN join the union? In 1796 as the 16th state to do so

When did Nashville become the official capital of TN? 1843

Where is the best place to vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains? Why, Elk Springs Resort of course!

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