Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer in Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg Rentals

Gatlinburg Rentals

While Gatlinburg has had its fair share of hot days along with the rest of the country this summer, its special location actually makes Gatlinburg an ideal spot to escape to a Gatlinburg Vacation Rentalduring the hotter days of the season. Nestled deep in the Great Smoky Mountains, you can enjoy cooler mornings and warm afternoons, followed up by refreshing evenings at your luxury cabin rental. Of course, you can always jump inside and switch on the AC should the weather be too much, but you will quickly find that Gatlinburg in the summer is an ideal spot to get away from over-crowded beaches, air-conditioned offices and heat waves.

So when you escape to Gatlinburg for the week(end), you will not want to be cooped up indoors. Since the weather is so nice, even during the summertime, you will find that people try to spend as much time outdoors, soaking up the beautiful weather. While you may be tempted to just lounge around your cabin – and we certainly encourage that! – you will also want to schedule some time outdoors with your family and friends. Below are some popular activities that help you beat the heat, build up a little sweat and let you bond with your loved ones:

Bicycling in Gatlinburg: bring along your own bike or rent one in town to experience Gatlinburg in a whole new way. Faster than walking but slow enough to take in the scenery, you can take your bicycle on many trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Gatlinburg Fishing: one of the locals’ favorite pastimes, there is plenty of good fishing to be had in the area. You can pick up bait at dozens of locations in Gatlinburg, as well as a rod if you don’t have one. Just be sure to pick up a guest fishing pass before you hit the water for some incredibly peaceful fishing.

Flower viewing: while the flowers may not be in full bloom during the summer, you can still catch sprinkles of them here and there all across Gatlinburg. Don’t forget to bring your camera along to document the beautiful and often exotic types of flowers that can be seen in the mountains.

Gatlinburg Hiking: as one of the more popular activities in Gatlinburg, hikers can be found by the dozens, from morning until nightfall, in the GSMNP. No matter what your skill level, there is a trail that will not just challenge you physically, but present you with a beautiful picture that you will never forget.

Horseback riding: riders of all ages love taking to the trails on horseback in Gatlinburg. There are private trails, as well as public trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can sit high on top of your trusty steed to take in a new view of Gatlinburg.

Have questions about these outdoor activities? Don’t hesitate to contact us at the main office Gatlinburg Rentals office, via email or by phone, to get the help you need.