35th Annual Midnight 4th of July Parade in Gatlinburg, TN

You have watched fireworks from your backyard, a local park, maybe even the roof of a parking garage in your city; just when you thought you couldn’t do the Fourth of July any differently, Gatlinburg, TN throws you a curveball that you can’t help but take a swing at.

Each year, for the past 34 years, Gatlinburg has held the only midnight Fourth of July parade in the nation. Held the night before on July 3rd, you will be amongthe first people in the country to show your gratitutde and love for America, the greatest country in the world.

You will definitely want to bring some coffee along to brew in your luxury cabin rental; once the parade activities start, you will not want to go to bed!

This year there will be a special focus on our military personnel serving home and overseas; members marching will have how many years they have been or served for the US on their clothing or on a sign. If you are one of your family members is part of the armed services, you are welcome to join in the fun and commiserate with your fellow men and women in the service.

Floats will represent different sectors of Gatlinburg, from the Army, Navy, and Marines, to representatives of Ripley’s Believe it or Not enterprise (celebrating its 40th year in Gatlinburg), and even a Star Trek starship created by the Riverside, Iowa Community Club.

After the parade, you will want to get a few hours of sleep to rest up for all of the exciting events planned for the Fourth, likethe River Raft Regatta and the Grand Finale that will feature fireworks at 10 PM. For twenty minutes you and your family will witness one of the most fantastic fireworks display in the Southeast!

For directions to the parade route and where to park, please contact us at the main office.

As always, don’t forget to have a designated driver if you plan to enjoy the festivities in an adult way. We also have a list of taxi companies should you need their numbers.