Mingle With The Stars in Gatlinburg, TN

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1 Bedroom Galtinburg Cabin

1 Bedroom Gatlinburg Cabin

Who says you need to go all the way to Hollywood to visit the stars? Take a short drive from your luxury cabin rental to downtown Gatlinburg where the stars await to have their picture taken with you.┬á The Hollywood Wax Museum, inspired by Madam Tussaud’s original museum in London, has life-like wax figures of your favorite stars.┬á Carefully crafted by hand for hours on end, this figures are so realistic that you might find yourself doing a double-take.

Two of the most recent additions to the museum might just be two of the biggest stars of this decade.  Maybe you have heard of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? If you have a teenage daughter chances are you have not only heard of them, but seen them in posters bedecking her room; the stars of the Twilight series are now immortalized at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg.

Warning: teenage girls and sometimes full-grown women swoon immediately at the sight of Edward Cullen with his long-time love Bella Swan!

Of course Bella and Edward are just two of dozens of the stars that populate the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Samuel L. Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Matthew McConaughey also wait to have their picture taken with you.  Open all year long from 10 AM until midnight, tickets are $13.00 for adults ($10.00 online) and $7.99 for children ($4.99 online).  They are located at 903 Parkway in Gatlinburg.  If you need help with directions, please feel free to contact us at the main Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals office.

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