Pretend you are Tarzan zipping through the forest at one of Gatlinburg's most revered entertainment spots, the Gatlinburg Ziplines Family Adventure. Located just one block from the downtown area, you can soar through the sky on nine different ziplines that zig and zag across the mountains and across town.

Even if you are afraid of heights, you will quickly conquer your fears as trained guides teach you how to use the zipline and then guide you along the way. It is best to call ahead to hold a spot on your preferred date, but you can also use the new check-in center next to the Space Needle. Thousands of locals and visitors alike have enjoyed an incredible view of the mountains - even Ludacris and Judge Alex have taken advantage of their ziplines!

Gatlinburg Ziplines Family Adventure
1133 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738