Taxes & Fees


We are required by the State of Tennessee to collect Hotel/Motel sales taxes and State sales taxes on each reservation.  The taxable amount includes the rental and fee totals for each reservation.  This includes our booking & hot tub fee as well as our damage waiver and cleaning fees.  Trip insurance, if accepted, is also taxable.   The combined tax amount is 12.75% of the total.


In addition to the rental amount charged on each booking, a booking / hot tub fee of $45 is also charged and is due at the time of booking (plus sales tax).

In lieu of a damage deposit a non-refundable damage waiver fee of $45 is also applied to each booking and covers up to $1,500 of incidental damages.  This fee plus the applicable sales tax is due 14 days prior to check in and is required for each reservation.  The damage waiver does not cover non-accidental damage, excessive cleaning or theft of items.  The guest is responsible for any non-accidental damage whether caused by guest or another member of the guests party.  

A cleaning fee (plus sales tax) is due 14 days prior to check in and covers the actual amount paid to the cleaning crews to clean the cabin.  The fee can vary based on the size and location of the cabin and is calculated at the time of booking.  The fee for 1 bedroom cabins start at $35.  The cleaning fee is waived for most stays over 3 days, however, the fee is not waived on certain cabins or for certain specials, promotions, or special offers.  Your reservation confirmation will detail the cleaning fee on your Gatlinburg cabin rental.


Guests often have change of plans or schedule changes due to unforeseen circumstances.  In the event you are not able to make your stay and you are concerned about your ability to get a full refund we have implemented a travel insurance program.  If for the slightest reason you are unsure of your plans or if you want to protect yourself against a potential situation where you may not be able to travel, we do offer trip insurance which provides you a refund of your deposit and most fees should you not be able to travel and need to cancel within the no-refund period.

Your deposit is non-refundable and your final balance which is due 14 days prior to check-in is also non-refundable. Any rental amount paid prior to 14 days prior to check in may be applied to a future reservation given that it is rescheduled 14 days prior to your check in.  To mitigate this policy we do offer a trip insurance.

If for any reason you are unable to make your stay, we will refund 100% of any payment received less the trip insurance premium, our administrative fee and applicable sales taxes for the premium and fee.

How much does it cost? The premium is 6% of the fees & rental amount on your reservation and for a short time you can still opt in and purchase this travel protection.

Who is eligible? Any guest booked into one of our cabins is eligible and is only available at the time of booking, however, we are extending the time to opt-in via this special offer.

What are valid reasons for canceling? All reasons are valid! We don't even require a reason, we just need to be notified prior to your date of check-in by email or phone.

**** None of the above fees or taxes are refundable without trip insurance.